About Us

We are far beyond the day that Custom Ag Businesses deserve a way to reach customers effectively.  It’s high time the process of finding the right Custom Operator to hire on your farm was simplified and modernized for the digital age.  Hired Iron was created to give Custom Operators and their Customers a way to finally connect online.


Word of mouth is ideal.  It means that not only did you do your job but you did it so well a recommendation came from it.  But word of mouth is unreliable.  You can’t count on former satisfied customers meeting potential customers.  You can’t count on every successful job leading to another, let alone several.  You can’t count on word of mouth to grow your business and ensure it thrives in the future.  Great business leaders are proactive.  They seek the next opportunity rather than waiting for it to drop in their lap.  Hired Iron gives you a tool to be advancing toward those opportunities.


Hired Iron bridges the gap that exists in the Custom Business and Customer relationship by providing a platform that connects them instantly in a way that has never existed before.