Why You NEED To Market Your Custom Ag Business In The Digital Age

August 2, 2017

It’s time to take your Custom Ag business to the next level.  That may mean more customers, your first customer, or the right customers.  Regardless, the time has come to do what’s necessary to put your Custom Ag business in position to succeed.  Marketing is how you’ll take that step.


Why Marketing and Why Now?


Chances are you’ve rarely considered marketing a part of your Custom Ag business.  You’ve assumed a job well done and the recommendations that come from it are all you need.  You know that word of mouth is the most effective way to land new customers.


But what about when word of mouth doesn’t come at the right time?  Or worse yet, it doesn’t come at all?  What should you do when you NEED the work that word of mouth just isn’t landing?  Market.


Marketing isn’t just “getting your name out there.”  It’s taking time to understand who your customer is.  It’s finding where they are.  But, most importantly, it’s finding how to reach them effectively.  With the tools available in today’s digital age, the time has never been better to market your Custom Ag Business.


A “Blanket” Marketing Campaign is Useless


Blanket marketing is all around us.  Newspaper ads, radio spots, and network TV commercials are all examples of blanket marketing.  Sure, these companies with marketing departments study when and where to broadcast their ads.  But I bet you don’t have a marketing department.  So should you broadcast?


It may sound great that thousands of listeners will hear your radio spot.  But how many of those listeners are even mildly interested in your service?  The ability to target the people that are genuinely interested in hiring you just isn’t there with blanket marketing.  You need tools to pinpoint who sees your advertisement to be most effective.  That’s where the internet comes in.


Draw a Bullseye Around Your Customer


Like it or not, our lives are now online (I mean, you’re reading this online as we speak).  But because of that you have the ability to target potential customers by literally marketing only to them. These online methods are almost always cheaper than blanket marketing.  They’re also far more effective, especially for a Custom Ag business and your own niche.


It’s like fishing with a spear.  If I told you to wade in a river with 100 fish you may feel pretty good about your chances.  But, if I told you to stand next to a barrel with 10 fish you’d forget about the river completely.  There may be less fish in the barrel but your chances of spearing one are far greater.


With platforms like Facebook and (shameless self plug) HiredIron.com you are now able to advertise your Custom Ag business to the exact customer looking for your services.  Often times for free!  (HiredIron.com is free but only for a limited time so hurry!).  


Don’t Get Left Behind


The ag world is moving forward at a pace we can barely comprehend.  Technology and digital marketing are a part of that march forward.  Early adopters put themselves in better position to succeed in the future than those that drag their feet and lag behind.  Don’t let that happen to you and your business.

Try HiredIron.com and be sure your operation is moving forward towards the future and towards success.