Are You A Superhero?

July 13, 2017

Are You A Superhero?

No. The answer is as simple as that. No matter how hard you try or how much you convince yourself you are not a superhero of any kind… And that’s a good thing.

The hero complex is a widespread disorder in the farm world. I should know, I’m a recovering wannabe “hero”. I struggle with it daily. I see it on almost every farm I’m in contact with.

The hero complex is when a farmer or operator has to do or control every aspect of their operation. Now, this may sound normal or even necessary. You may be thinking “it’s my butt and dollar on the line so I need to make sure things are done right”. But, this is the fast track to stalling your business or even worse, wrecking it all together.

It is important that you use the skills of those around you to your advantage. Whether it’s the people you hire or the family you work with, identifying skills and letting others gain the confidence in whatever task needs to be accomplished will far outweigh your ability to tackle everything yourself. There are also businesses and individuals for custom hire whose expertise you’ll never match and are worth every penny they charge. Untie that bed sheet from around your neck and use them.